This is a special time of the year for me to gain creative inspiration for much of my work. Like many places, the spring brings new and fresh life as the plants, flowers and new wildlife birth is upon us here in Colorado. The rabbits are chasing each other here and there in my sculpture garden, the bees and lady bugs are out and living off the sweet flowers and the does are full; ready to drop and give birth to their fawns. New growth, new birth, new life and new art is about to refresh my soul. My bronze sculpture, “Alpine Sunbathing” was inspired as a result of a beautiful spring weekend hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was there I had the opportunity of spotting a rather mature marmot gloriously sunning himself on a stack of alpine rocks. I was instantly captivated by him and knew he’d be my next subject to be cast in clay and finished in a bronze edition. The same spring fling with wildlife and new growth came again one spring at Mt. Democrat here in Colorado while climbing this fourteener. The always curious Pika was spotted numerous times while babies flooded the area here at this rocky mountain. What transpired was my one of a kind piece, “Change of Seasons.” The end result was a silver maple burl Pika mounted on an alpine rock with aspen leaves in and around the piece. Spring, new life and new creations just seem to blend together for me.
And speaking of the mountains here in Colorado, I just sent off some wonderful wildlife bronze, bristlecone pine and bronze wood fusion sculptures to “The Art in the Parks” Exhibit and sale here in Estes Park, Colorado. This is my first venture into this invitational Society of Animal Artists sponsored event and I’m excited at the prospects for new opportunities and sales coming out of this summertime show. I’ve provided some great whimsical pieces and others including bears, frogs, mice, dragonflies and lady bug pieces. This should be fun no matter the outcome

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